Medicine is a miracle.
Healthcare is a headache.

But your experience of it doesn't have to be.

We master the complexities of healthcare, so you can focus on the joy of patient care.

None of this will be easy. But we're here for the long run.

We’re dedicated to a future where the miracle of medicine is again filled with purpose and is a joy to deliver. A future where that miracle is made as simple, affordable, dependable, convenient and humane an experience as possible for those striving to stay well and for those living through suffering.

We’re physician-led and committed to understanding the problems involved in taking care of patients. We design new models of care and build the technology to make them happen.

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A team built on expertise and empathy

Healthcare is rich and complicated, and transforming it for the better requires both deep expertise and a beginner's mindset.

We understand the complexities of healthcare like no one else — with maniacal focus and dedication — and we know what it’s like to lead grassroots change across organizations, because we’ve done it. We're confident we can do the same for you.

Basit Chaudhry
Basit Chaudhry, MD, PhD

Founder & CEO

Dr. Chaudhry is an internal medicine physician and medical technologist whose expertise spans healthcare payment, clinical service redesign, and the use of data analytics to improve clinical and financial performance in healthcare. Early on in his career, Dr. Chaudhry became interested in developing more scalable ways of delivering healthcare. His interest in health technologies in turn, grew out of that focus.

Dr. Chaudhry’s long been struck by how modern medicine is a miracle, but the experience of healthcare is a headache. He founded Tuple Health in 2013 to address this jarring discrepancy.

Prior to starting Tuple Health, Dr. Chaudhry was a lead research clinician at IBM Research. Dr. Chaudhry received his medical degree from New York University School of Medicine. After completing his medical training in internal medicine, he completed the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars program at UCLA where he also earned his PhD focused on clinical informatics and health services research. He also worked at the UCLA Division of General Internal Medicine and the RAND Corporation as a research scientist where he studied the impact of health information technology on quality, efficiency, and costs of medical care. Dr. Chaudhry was selected as a member of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) and an author of the PCAST report on health information technology.

Steve Wedig
Steve Wedig

Chief Technology and Security Officer

Steve has 17 years of experience building software products and services, including 15 years of cloud computing. He has a MS from UCLA in Computer Science and his areas of expertise include information security, cloud architecture, data modeling, data warehousing, and domain scenario design & testing. Prior to joining Tuple Health, he was the first employee at Lingospot which was sold to Piksel.

Celeste Roschuni
Celeste Roschuni, PhD

UX Design Research Lead

Celeste focuses on creating human-centered technologies and services for healthcare. Her expertise centers on understanding clinical workflows, payment models, and patient experiences from the end user’s perspective, drawing on diverse fields including service design, anthropology and engineering. Celeste holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering through the Berkeley Institute of Design at the University of California at Berkeley. She has taught human-centered design at UC Berkeley, the California College of the Arts, and the University of Maryland. Prior to Tuple, she spearheaded TheDesignExchange: a joint project between UC Berkeley and MIT on design methods and approaches.

Benjamin Merrick
Benjamin Merrick

UX Design Lead

Combining in-depth user research, strategy, and UX and UI expertise, Ben focuses on healthcare product and service design to improve care while reducing costs, keeping patients and providers top-of-mind from start to finish. His educational background lies in product design and engineering (BS) and entrepreneurial strategy (MS), both from Stanford University. Prior to joining Tuple, Ben lead the UX team at Nutmeg, a digital wealth manager in the UK. He was responsible for UX research and design that grew the business from zero to over 50,000 customers and over £1B under management.

Lisa Tran
Lisa Tran

Engagement Manager

Prior to joining Tuple, Lisa was a Senior Research Associate at The Chartis Group, where she focused on market intelligence, strategy and operations; identifying health trends in a region, the payer/provider landscape, healthcare partnerships, and other market dynamics to influence enterprise-wide strategic planning. Lisa also worked at The Brookings Institution under Drs. Mark McClellan, former CMS and FDA Director, and Kavita Patel, where she co-managed the National ACO Summit. She also worked on The Beacon Community Program, an initiative led by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, assessing sustainability strategies and identifying best practices for the 17 Beacon communities awarded collectively $250 million in government funding to build and strengthen health IT infrastructure.

Andrew Yue
Andrew Yue, PhD

Data Science Lead

Andrew is a user-focused data scientist with a passion for empowering customers through teaching and technology. Before joining Tuple, his data science work helped customers address critical human security issues. He worked directly with his customers, performing analyses and building technologies to improve the monitoring and evaluation efforts of aid organizations, to identify and combat human trafficking, and to assess and counter the online activities of violent extremist organizations. His areas of expertise include natural language processing, computer vision, and network analyses. Before working as a data scientist, Andrew performed fundamental neutron physics research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology for nine years. He holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Tennessee.

Dan Soudek
Dan Soudek

Lead Software Engineer

Dan has a BS in computer science from the California Institute of Technology which he has applied to building software for more than a decade. He has extensive experience modeling and understanding healthcare data, building data pipelines, data warehousing, and systems architecture. Dan is motivated by leveraging technology and data to solve complex problems that support human processes.

Sam Esfahani
Sam Esfahani

Software Engineer

Sam graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a BS in Computer Science. Before joining Tuple, he worked in the fintech space helping to migrate archaic legacy systems to use more modern and up to date technologies. He also worked in the govtech space in a fast-paced startup environment to build performant software to satisfy rapidly-changing client and market needs. Sam is especially passionate about building systems that can scale and be maintained efficiently for their lifetime.

Daniel Fontenot
Daniel Fontenot

Software Engineer/Data Scientist

Daniel is a graduate of the University of Virginia with BS degrees in Computer Science and Math with a concentration in Probability and Statistics. During his senior year, he conducted independent research on patient sharing patterns between all forms of healthcare providers within the state of Virginia. He also wrote a sociotechnical thesis on the ongoing net neutrality debate and its possible resolutions. Since his freshman year, Daniel has been working with Tuple Health in a variety of ways. From helping create software to performing data analysis, he has applied his mixed disciplines however it has been needed. Always looking to solve problems, Daniel is fascinated by the healthcare domain and is driven to help transform healthcare in the United States.

Ambereen Husain
Ambereen Husain

Executive Assistant

Ambereen Husain joined Tuple Health in 2019 and is currently the executive assistant to the CEO & Founder, Basit Chaudhry. With over 12 years of professional administrative experience, prior to joining Tuple Health, Ambereen served as the head of operations of a nonprofit organization in the DMV, NWMI. She also previously served as an executive assistant to the CEO at MicroVest Capital Management in Bethesda, MD. Originally from Chicago, she worked for the Consulate General of Pakistan as a Protocol Officer, as well as The Chicago Council on Global Relations. She holds a degree in International Relations from Roosevelt University.

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