Tuple Health, Inc.

Tuple Health is a healthcare design and technology startup.

We discover, design, and build ways for healthcare providers to deliver better care at a lower cost.

We offer industry expertise, data analysis, and technology products that enable new ways of working, including analytics, collaboration, and care management tools.

Healthcare Is About People

not data or technology

Creating tools for healthcare requires more than technical excellence. It requires empathy and an ability to situate technology in context.

We believe that transformation starts with a relentless focus on improving the user experience. Patients deserve proactive care which keeps them healthy, and clinicians deserve amazing tools to care for their patients.

We’re currently helping oncology practices leverage insurance claims and other datasets to make data-driven decisions about the quality and effectiveness of care. Our customers include hospital systems and some of the largest oncology practices in the country.

This is the first stage in building out a full suite of tools for collaboration, operations, and business intelligence in healthcare.

Meet our Leadership Team

company profile
Basit Chaudhry
Basit Chaudhry, MD, PhD

Co-Founder, CEO

Dr. Chaudhry is an internal medicine physician and medical technologist. At IBM, he was lead research clinician for the Watson artificial intelligence system.

Kavita Patel
Kavita Patel, MD, MS


Dr. Patel is a fellow at the Brookings Institution and managing director of their Center for Health Policy. She is a practicing primary care physician at Johns Hopkins’ Sibley Hospital.

Celeste Roschuni
Celeste Roschuni, PhD

User Researcher

Celeste founded TheDesignExchange, a joint project between UC Berkeley and MIT. She has taught human-centered design at UC Berkeley and the California College of the Arts.

Susana Supalla
Susanna Supalla, PhD

Data Scientist

Susanna has consulted for dozens of political clients, developing statistical models and experiments. Her past research focuses on money and politics.

Nora Connor
Nora Connor, PhD

Data Scientist

Nora has built analysis pipelines incorporating NLP, ML, and statistical models for tech companies and political clients. She will earn a Computer Science PhD in 2018 from the University of Colorado.

Steve Wedig
Steve Wedig

Software Engineer

Steve has 15 years of experience building software products and services. Prior to Tuple Health, he left UCLA’s CS PhD program to join Lingospot as first employee (sold to Piksel).

Dan Soudek
Dan Soudek

Software Engineer

Dan has spent the last 10 years building products from the ground up at startups. Previously, he worked at Yahoo! on expanding ad reach to international markets.

Tom Crockett
Tom Crockett

Software Engineer

Tom has a decade of experience in human computer interaction and data visualization. Previously, he worked at NASA/JPL building planning interfaces for Mars rovers.

Our offices are located in Washington, DC and Los Angeles. We accommodate flexible hours and remote work as much as possible.

We value a friendly and collaborative work environment where every employee has the opportunity to influence the entire organization.

As our team grows, we actively and collectively refine our mission, values, processes, and culture.

Current Openings

Interested? Send a note to hello@tuplehealth.com!

Software Engineer

lead or mid-level Los Angeles and Washington, DC

UX Designer

lead or mid-level Washington, DC

Data Scientist

lead or mid-level Washington, DC